The breeding ground for my faith

My best friend made it possible for me to get an insight into the church. It was the first time I heard about a free church and a free Christian congregation. I knew it was going to be cool, it was going to be exciting and my faith could find a place there and grow. The very first service literally killed me and also had a direct connection with JohnFourSixteen. JFS didn't even exist yet and was far from being planned. In the very first service I attended at MoveChurch in Wiesbaden, self-employment and entrepreneurship were discussed. An older couple was interviewed and I still remember the story very precisely and the sentence "God was my management consultant". I was just fascinated by how much the old couple trusted in God and how AMAZING how calm they were in reacting to every defeat in life, just because God was by their side. At the end of the interview, everyone was allowed to come forward who would like to be blessed as a self-employed person in their company or who intends to establish themselves as an entrepreneur on the market at some point. I knew even then that it would happen at some point. God gave me my calling and my character. So, with tears in my eyes, I went forward and got the blessing. My best friend looked at me and just said "if that wasn't a coincidence, Dajana". No it was not. God wanted me to attend this service at MoveChurch on this very day. And it changed my heart, my perspective, my view of everything. A few years later I was allowed to call myself an "entrepreneur". Of course, God is the one who brought me here. But who has been a big part of encouraging me to do this is definitely my church.

I have found a place to live out my faith fully. The vision of MoveChurch "As a congregation, we want to love God, love people, but also love life. Our wish is that many people experience church in a new way and come into contact with God. We want to be a welcoming congregation that is always open for new people is: true to life, encouraging and uplifting." definitely served its purpose in my life.

In the meantime we (I am taking the liberty of speaking about us here) have gained two more locations in addition to Wiesbaden. Frankfurt and Giessen. How nice is it that so many more people can find a place to live out their faith.

Stop by and attend one of the services!