Christian Designs and Quotes for Jesus Shirts, Christian Hoodies, Christian Sweaters.

When I got the message in 2019 about what and how to optimize and repurpose my service for God, I came up with the idea of ​​starting a new project. A project in which I can show my Christianity and live out my creativity. Can I design something to be obviously Christian that just looks cool?

Because I'm very careful about myself about what clothes I wear and how they appear, I'm just as careful about what others wear, how they wear it and how it comes across. I don't want to say that I judge people by that, on the contrary, I even orientate myself to other styles and ideas. So the idea came up to design something that comes from me. Something that looks better to MY eye than what's already on the market. I love special cuts and unusual fittings. If I want to buy a cool hoodie, I buy it in L in the men's department. Simply because it fits so much cooler. Why not design a fitting right away that is super cool and oversized. Shortly thereafter, my very first design was created with the inscription “ AS THUNDERS ROAR I'LL SHOUT YOUR PRAISE ”, with a self-knitted cross on the sleeve.

As a short intermediate status. I have an amazing hoodie and an incredibly cool message too!!! This is the jackpot for my service and my desire. And when I saw the first porters, I was just filled with happiness. I knew it had to go on now.

The idea grew in me to create designs with a Christian message. It's just important to me to share my thoughts and what constitutes faith with the world in a stylish way. The shirts should be worn by all people, Christians and non-Christians alike. It was also important to me that the designs are modern, contain a crisp message and make you think. (By the way," Jesus was also provocative and caused a lot of attention.) Because nowadays a person's outfit is just mega in the foreground. A year has passed since the first design and I had to take more and more time to devote myself to my design ideas, packing packages, stitching crosses AND making the whole load more commercial. However, I was totally unprepared for it. So I was suddenly completely absorbed in this matter.

Inside JohnFourSixteen is the Bible verse 1 John 4:16. If you look at the glossary in the Gospel of John and feel like reading it, you will find out why I chose this name. In the end I didn't choose the name, it was called out to me. I have to say that it is my absolute favorite passage in the Bible. It shows what faith stands for, the work of art that God created: love. And with this message and with this feeling, I make every part! The name may also appeal to people who have nothing to do with faith and for whom JESUS ​​or GOD looks too much like church or Christianity. Such people should also find the label cool. The messages that my shirts, hoodies, etc. carry will certainly stimulate many an interesting conversation. Surely you will meet many like-minded people this way. Perhaps you can also convince other people of your attitude towards life and your faith. We would be very happy if my Christian brand could contribute with its products. But as you can see, the thanks actually go to God, because the origin of the idea lay in prayer. God gives me ideas and I make something out of them. This is how it should go on!

JohnFourSixteen – The Christian fashion clothing label.