The Book of Job 37:5 – JOHNFOURSIXTEEN

37 1 My heart is terrified and trembles. 2 Oh, hear how his thunder rolls and what a roar comes from his mouth! 3 He sends it down under all heaven and its lightning over the ends of the earth. 4 After him the thunder roars, and he thunders with his great sound; and when his thunder is heard, he does not hold back the lightning. 5 God thunders wonderfully with his thunder and does great things that we do not understand. 6 He says to the snow, "Fall to the ground!" and to the downpour, so is the downpour with power. 7 He has sealed the hands of all men so that people may know what he can do. 8 The wild beasts go into the cave and lie down on their beds. 9 From its chambers comes the storm, and from the north the cold. 10 Ice comes from the breath of God, and the vast waters lie frozen. 11 He weighs down the clouds with water and breaks his light through the clouds. 12 He turns the clouds where he wills them to do whatever he commands them to do on the face of the earth: 13 he sends them to come for a discipline for a country or for a blessing. 14 Hear this, Job, stand still and consider the wonders of God. 15 Do you know how God instructs them and how he causes light to burst forth from his clouds? 16 Do you know how the clouds float, the wonders of the omniscient? 17 You, whose clothes get hot when the land lies still under the south wind, 18 can you spread the cloud cover like him, which is solid like a cast mirror? 19 Show us what to say to him; for we cannot bring forth anything before darkness. 20 When someone speaks, does he need to be told? Has a man ever said he wanted to be destroyed? 21 Just now the light that shines brightly behind the clouds was not seen; but when the wind blew up, it became clear. 22 From the north comes golden light; around God is terrible splendor. 23 We cannot reach the Almighty, who is great in power and rich in righteousness. He does not bend the law. 24 Therefore men should fear him, and he does not look at anyone, no matter how wise they are.