Created With Purpose – JOHNFOURSIXTEEN

First John chapter four verse sixteen

"God is love. And who lives in love, lives in God and God in him"

We hope that all people are curious and strive to give their soul to the community they long for. We are commanded to love our neighbours, whether old or young, woman or man. We all have dignity. Our lives are enriched by people who are different from us.

We hope that we can be role models for each other and learn from each other in many different ways.

We want to see people who don't allow themselves to be discouraged, who see that new things are possible, who feel and realize that letting go of the old and familiar is an opportunity for renewal, as well as contemplating things that are good and that give us strength.

We hope to encourage each other and replenish each other's resources. On our journey we see many courageous people, many powerful life plans.

We want to see people grow and grow on people.

We live under one sky. Let's not differentiate. We have made it our task to bring moral values ​​into the world through the medium of fashion and to touch both your exterior and your interior.

Come as you are and let your face shine in your JOHNFOURSIXTEEN